Deep Integration

I began the winter in deep reverence for the fungal ancestors and the role they play in re-integration of organic matter into life. I took this reflection as an invitation for re-integration of that which has died within Self; for the old scabs of healed wounds which have shriveled and fallen away to be renewed in purpose. This reveals a way of being which lives through me in real time, as I alchemize even that which I no longer need, whom I do not choose, into my shadow realm.

Building my own mycocosm for distributing experiences into wisdom.

Through this practice I realized Winter's great potential for renewal, a time of deep rest and incubation of ideas. Pouring energy inward in order to see the ideas return outward, coming into fruition in the world.


But as mammals slumber in the hibernation cave, receiving messages from the slow time of dreams, incubating, insulating, integrating..

The Winter as a force is working over the world. The cold cleanses the ecology, and only the fortified survive. The rest are reintegrated by the decomposers for budding life come spring.

In early February, Imbolc begins to stir the mammals from their slumber. Budding, romantic excitement for the stirring of new dreams within you.

By now, in late March, Spring has arrived. The fertility of the new world outside the cave yields blooms to the dreams we have received within.

How the slowness reveals what is to come. How the slowness holds you while the world is made over for your arrival.

Potions inspired by the stirring of dreams during deep slumber..


A water Perception Potion.

Cultivating the art of Presence is the first step to any magickal practice.

This potion embodies the budding of springtime, or the dew at dawn.

Calming, Oxygenating, Peaceful.

Pisces infused Lavender, Blue Lotus Flower, Butterfly Pea Flower, Mugwort, Osha, Jasmine, and Spring Crocus Essence, harmonized with celestite and selenite crystals. Read more at the etsy listing.

Esoterics of "Dawn"

Esoterically this potion is made at the onset of spring during the height of the Pisces New Moon. Pisces is the sign symbolically corresponding with Dawn: the time of day when the night sky is just beginning to wake, and sunrise has not quite arrived. This is potent time for bringing dreams into reality as your circadian rhythm begins to shift and your body’s senses come back online for a new day. Similarly, late winter and early spring (in the N hemisphere temperate climates) is a time where the return of the sun signals a biological shift for plants to exit dormancy and seeds to sprout. This medicine is intended to mimic the potential energy of a new, dewey flower bud, which has only just pushed through the earth and is about to face the world for the very first time.

Elaboration on chosen ingredients

Blue Lotus

Apomorphine and Nuciferine- activates dopamine and serotonin receptors (reward and good mood compounds). Enhances mood, relieves anxiety, and aids sleep.


Well known for it’s calming effects, lavender is an excellent choice for keeping the body still and enhancing availability for the mind to process detailed information about it’s environment. This will also aid the body in winding down for sleep, if the medicine is being used before bed.


Opens respiratory airways to promote deeper breath. Awareness of breath is often the first step for taking a deeper seat of awareness without our bodies and entering a meditative state. A well oxygenated body will improve rest and mental clarity. This is very important for processing an increased volume of information, as in this medicine. Osha also releases oxytocin, the love hormone, promoting a peaceful, open-hearted presence. Osha is often used medicinal to treat sore, tired lungs and bronchitis.

Osha root is often one of the first plants dug up and eaten by bears when they wake from hibernation. It is used indigenously as a token of protection and good luck. It has a strong bitter flavor, so there is only a small amount of osha tincture in this medicine.


A classic dreaming herb, mugwort is often used to increase dream vividness, awareness and recall. Lusergic acid amide (LSA, ergine) is a compound found in small doses in mugwort that induces a dreamy state of mind. It relaxes the nervous system and relieves anxiety by. It is also often used to regulate periods in womb-having individuals- those with periods know this is a time of enhanced perception and sensation.

Mugwort was only included in the decoction and not the tincture so as to not make the medicine too damp and intoxicating.


Sedative, calming, intoxicating flower.

Butterfly Pea Flower

Turns it purple. That’s mostly it, which is nice when cultivating a dreaming state of mind.

It is also high and antioxidants, a nice perk. Anthocyin increases blood flow to the head and scalp, making it good for hair growth, and potentially also aiding in oxygenating the brain, though there are no studies to support this.

Spring Crocus Flower Essence

Often recognized as a floral symbol of one of the first blooms of spring, spring crocus has been used in magick for centuries to mobilize new blooms and new beginnings.

Love Potion

Venus ruled Herbal Cordial crafted for Valentine's Day.

Floral, calming, aphrodisiac designed to be a celebratory toast to celebrate the emotion of love.

Rose, Cardamom, Damiana, Hibiscus, Cinnamon and Orange infused in Brandy and sweetened with honey and maple syrup.

Elaboration on chosen ingredients

These herbal cordials are a curation of Venus and Jupiter oriented herbs infused in brandy and sweetened with organic local honey and maple syrup. This was designed to be a celebratory toast to share with someone you love, a fragrant and delicious way to celebrate the emotion of love with someone you hold dear.


an aphrodisiac, calms nerves and anxiety, increases stamina

Rose & Orange

uplifting herbs to put you in good spirits

Cinnamon & Hibiscus

cognition enhancing herbs for alertness and memory


relieve inflammation and anxiety

Saved in the apothecary for those who seek them . . .


An air Fortune Potion.

A strong, bitter cold wind clearing the way for refreshed opportunity. Magnetizing, attracting, oxygenating.

Aquarius infused Juniper, Pine, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Cardamom, Ginko alcohol extraction.


A fire Protection potion.

Works as a controlled burn to remove unwanted debris that could cause trouble in the future. Warming, Clearing, Energizing.

Sagittarius and Aires infused Hyssop, Nutmeg, Clove, Chamomile, Juniper Ashe, Ghost Pepper Oxymel cleansed and delivered with Smoke of Cedar.