Aching to Ground

Crafted Virgo through Sagittarius Season

In the season of autumn, we are humbled by our delicate mortality. We spend these gold and rust drenched days remembering how fleeting this moment of breath and wonder is. We watch our brethren of the plant kingdom deteriorate, and our bones remember the days our ancestors feared and respected the approaching mighty winter.

As the nutrients are assimilated into life by the fungal kingdom, the underworld ancients who whisper under our feet, we remember our own ancients. A ghost, a nostalgia, arises. . and we remember.

I have been here before.

I have done this all before

Unearthing that which is not sustaining us, rewriting patterns before slumber during the dark days.

We have been here for eternity.

We have done this all before.

Our primal bodies, our presence and awareness, hold generations of walking upon the earth. Infinite births, endless suffering. Written into code and sealed into DNA.

So let us tap in, like roots drinking the nutrient slurry of the soil, and access the memoir of the ancients which lives and breathes in your very bones. Drink. Drink and drum your heart, drum and dance.

Fall, decay, prepare for rebirth . . .

Take Root

Root Beer Immunity Tonic

A root beer flavored immunity tonic.

My favorite soda as a child was always root beer. Since I no longer drink the stuff, I decided to make an herbal version with medicinal benefit. This balancing, adaptogenic immunity tonic is available as a double extracted herbal syrup, and as a tincture.

Crafted in waxing Scorpio, bottled on the Gemini Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Plutonian Catharsis

Anointment Oil

This transformative anointment oil is back for another year. Creating it is a cathartic experience, alchemizing emotions of fear and terror into ecstatic pleasure. This medicine lives within you and I in the spaces we are afraid to enter.

The plant allies infused into this oil are Plutonian ruled herbs with an age-long relationship with the shadow realms. It will take you on a journey to the pits of your eternal flame, if you let it.

I recommend working with this oil with intention. Give it your reverence and time. Using with a sexual partner can be incredibly effective. It's medicinal properties make it great for massage.

Crafted on the Scorpio New Moon, strained on the Darkest Night of the Year.

Herbal support for hormone balance. . .

Lunar Lady

PMS Support Tincture

This year I have been paying particular attention to my hormonal cycle. How it interacts with my focus, my energy levels, my diet, and every aspect of my life. I created this tincture to support people with wombs in a world that does not sympathize with a 28 day hormone cycle. It contains herbs for balancing your mood during a storm of hormones, flow regulation, cramping, and uterine health.


Boost energy, focus, willpower, drive, and libido, as well as overall health and wellness.

I have been holding space for inspiration for a men's health blend. This endocrine and adrenal balancing adaptogen is appropriate for people with or without wombs, however it is intended to support the divine masculine. It will also support your stress response. Take in the morning in warm drinking cacao to stimulate your intentions for the day. Set your mark.

These allies carry you through the wave of the wheel.

Lunar Lady holds you in the decent,

Plutonian Catharsis supports you to navigate the trough.

Warrior drives your ascent,

Take Root grounds you at your peak.