We are a sisterhood celebration of folk medicine.

We aim to inspire food and medicine autonomy,

empower reclamation of the sacred feminine,

and cultivate harmonic health among all beings.

The art of medicine making is a gift inherited from our ancestors,

stored in our bones, and accessed through the ritual of connection.

Connection with the plants, with our elders, with our own internal flame.

Thank you for exploring the offerings of our practice we prepared to share with you.

upcoming events

Heartwood Spring Celebration

Saturday, April 29, 2PM

Heartwood Community, Blue Ridge, GA

Dancing Tree Festival

June 8-11, 2023

Heartwood Community, Blue Ridge GA


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heal the earth. heal the water. heal the people.

Willow Tiger Alchemy provides hand crafted plant medicine with a mission to empower the people through food and medicine autonomy. All tonics are curated with love and intention to transcribe messages from plant and planetary teachers into vibrational medicine for you.

Meet your herbalists

Victoria Christine

Victoria is an intuitively-led, plant-taught astrological herbalist from Atlanta, GA and the founder of Willow Tiger Alchemy. She has been practicing this work for approximately 6 years. Victoria is pursuing a PhD in Water Resource Engineering at UT-Knoxville.

Catherine Jordan

Catherine (Catie) is a mother of 3 living in Blue Ridge, GA. Catie is a clinical herbalist who has been practicing with a certification from Holistic Arts Institute for 5 years. She also has her 200 hour yoga teacher training from Soul Medicine Inc.