Prosperity of Living

Cancer New Moon through Virgo Full Moon

Inspired by Summer love, this set was motivated by the balance of expansion and self advocation.

Throat Codes

An anointment oil created to open the upper respiratory tract and activate the throat chakra. This breath of cool collected energy came to me over the summer. Intention to lift hot and stuffy feelings from the throat and chest, improve respiratory function, and embolden communication.

🔹Infused over the Leo season, bookmarked by 2 full moons in Aquarius. Bottled under mercury-ruled Virgo.🔹

☁️ Eucalyptus - cools inflammation, clears blockages

✨ Rosemary - guidance for harmony between sensuality and intellect

🦋 Sage - ushers un the deepest wisdom, stews the fire

🌬 Mullein - opens + expels, upward + outward

💙 Borage - courage + intelligence

Goddess Provisions

Joy, Prosperity, and Peace

Delicious oxymel infused with homegrown Holy Basil and Melissa, and wildcrafted Mimosa flowers.

Crafted Cancer - Leo

Mama Bear

Unconditional Love

Osha root derived oxytocin release, with lingering notes of rose and honey. Chicory Floral Essence aides love without attachment.

Crafted Cancer - Virgo

Inner Child

Maintain tranquility and peace.

A violet infused ear oil created to to mobilize internalized doubts.

Many of us store traumas through the ears. Fears may be projected from our parents in an attempt to save us, but often become our imprisonment from self expansion.

Ear oiling is a time honored practice to cleanse and moisturize the inner ear. This medicine is intended to be used to lubricate stories we have stored which no longer serve us, so we may release them.