Thank you for considering a consultation with us.

A consultation with Willow Tiger Alchemy is saying yes to personalized herbal medicine. 

A gently guided process to discovering and receiving the support you are in need of. 

Read below to learn what you can expect from a consultation with Willow Tiger.

Meet your herbalists

Catherine Jordan

Catherine (Catie) is a mother of 3 living in Blue Ridge, GA. Catie is a clinical herbalist who has been practicing with a certification from Holistic Arts Institute for 5 years. She also has her 200 hour yoga teacher training from Soul Medicine Inc.

Victoria Christine

Victoria is an intuitively-led, plant-taught astrological herbalist from Atlanta, GA and the founder of Willow Tiger Alchemy. She has been practicing this work for approximately 6 years. Victoria is pursuing a PhD in Water Resource Engineering at UT-Knoxville.

What to expect

We, Catie and Victoria, want to use our harmonizing skillsets to aid your journey with plant allies. This is a personalized experience and is highly customizable to your desires and needs. We want to create a formulation that works to support your body and lifestyle on your path to your truest self. Three types of consultations are available: a Clinical Consultation or an Astrological Consultation, and the Tiger Cub Special. More details can be found below.

Details and Pricing

Consultations can be scheduled in person if you are local to our herbalists, or over the phone or via zoom. Consultations may also be doable over text or email. Please let us know how this process would be most comfortable for you.

Clinical Consultation with Catie

Catie can formulate an herbal blend specified for your unique needs. This type of consultation is intended to introduce you to herbal allies to support you in this unique point in your journey. Personalized Medicine can address physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. Catie can work to support specific physical ailments or conditions which need to be supported with herbal medicine. A Clinical Consultation is intended to take previous, preexisting, or at-risk conditions into consideration.

The cost for this type of consultation is $60 + the price of the medicine for one unique blend, or $80 + the price of the medicine for two unique blends.

Astrological Consultation with Victoria

Currently unavailable.

Victoria is available for one astrological consultation per quarter. In this process, Victoria will create a blend of herbs whose energetics are balancing to your natal astrological chart and address your intentions  The offering includes a chart reading, personalized medicine crafted for you, and a document detailing the esoteric presence of the potion built to support your well being. Astrological consultations begin with a chart reading, but can divert away from a rigid design based on the natal chart. Think of the chart reading as a jumping off point to find thorough understanding of the internal devices/programming working on your subconscious in the way  you navigate life.

The cost of an astrological consultation is $60 + the price of the medicine for one unique blend, or $80 + the price of the medicine for two unique blends

In order to ensure the cosmic energies infused into your potion are optimized for your expression, it is possible Victoria will ask you to wait until a different time of year so that your formulation will be more balancing to your chart's dynamics.

Tiger Cub Special with Catie and Victoria

The Tiger Cub Special is the opportunity to work with both Catie and Victoria's harmonizing skillsets. This consultation would include a 3 way call, resulting in a full work-up including clinical and energetic considerations and an astrological reading if desired. This type of consultation will result in the most robust medicine as we work together to deeply integrate all facets of your being. <3 

The Tiger Cub Special is $111 + the price of the medicine for two unique blends.

Prices of Medicine

The price of the consultation is separate from the price of the medicine. This is to allow flexibility to ensure your unique needs are met. Unique blends can be created in several different methods including extracts to be taken internally, infused anointment oils, loose teas, bath soaks, smoke blends, and more.

You can look at our website / Etsy shop for examples of what to expect for medicine pricing. In general, you can expect extracted medicine to cost $14-16 per fluid ounce. We price our extracted medicines generally according to this scale:

1-2 herbs and/or honey in a single extraction method: $12 / fl oz

2-3 herbs and/or floral essences with honey in a single or double extraction method: $14 / fl oz

4 or more herbs, floral essences, and honey in a double or triple extraction method: $16 / fl oz

Unique medicines are available in 1, 2, 4, or 8 fluid ounces. Buying larger sizes (bulk) provides a discount.

Booking a consultation with us will also come with 20% off any other medicine from our apothecary at the time of purchase!

If working with us on a personalized herbal blend calls to you, please do not hesitate to open a line of communication with us.

We want herbal care to be accessible and are happy to work with payment plans that work for you.

Hopefully together we can deepen your walk with the support of the herbal allies that are calling to work with you.