Ritual Oils and Blends

Plutonian Catharsis Anointment Oil

Shadow work. Unlock the instinctual power of your deep unconscious. Usher transformation out of past ailments, bondages, and thought patterns. Comfort in/acceptance of our shadow self, intense power in sexual energy + emotional intimacy. Also beneficial for muscular-skeletal pain.

Crafted seasonally in the Scorpio New Moon. $18 / 1 fl. oz.

High Priestess Herbal Bath Vinegar

A bath becomes a celestial soak with the addition of this herbal infusion. Feminine plant teachers bring lessons of self love and intuition while organic jun vinegar restores skin health and body pH. It smells heavenly, and could even be take internally.

Small / $14 / 2 fl. oz. Large / $36 / 8 fl. oz.

Daily Massage Oils

Two massage oils lightly fragranced for those sensitive to strong smells.

Yin + Yang

A grounding and centering daily massage oil. Infused with Mugwort and glangal. Lightly fragranced with Patchouli and Neroli.


Relaxing and uplifting herbal massage oil. Infused with lavender, mugwort, and oat tops. Lightly fragranced with Lavender and Clary Sage.

$39 / 4 fl. oz.

Throat Codes Anointment Oil

An anointment oil created to open the upper respiratory tract and activate the throat chakra. This breath of cool collected energy came to me over the summer. Intention to lift hot and stuffy feelings from the throat and chest, improve respiratory function, and embolden communication.

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Leo, Aquarius, and Virgo Energy. $18 / 0.5 fl. oz

Inner Child Violet Ear Oil

A violet infused ear oil created to to mobilize internalized doubts.

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Taurus, Cancer, Virgo Energy. $18 / 0.5 fl. oz

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