Herbal Tea Blends


Support healthy liver and kidney function. It is rich in flavonoids and will act as a diuretic on your system. Useful to treat UTIs, or to detox the body after a day of junk food. $6 / 1 oz. (30 g)

Muscle Remedy

Perfect for an active lifestyle, after a day or yardwork, or a particularly big hike- Muscle Remedy is meant to soothe muscle soreness by reducing inflammation and helping move blood to prevent some lactic acid build up.

$6 / 1 oz. (30 g)

Calm Belly

Relax the mind and the digestive tract before bedtime.

$6 / 1 oz. (30 g)

Sacral Connection

Awaken your passion and heal your creativity; a mild aphrodisiac.

Flavor: warmth, orange, spice.

Crafted semi-annually during the Solar-Lunar polarity of Libra and Aires.

0.5 oz / $6 3.5 oz / $24

Lucid Journey

Soothes the nervous system and activates crown + third eye chakas; perfect for dream work.

Flavor: earthy, blue lotus, lavender.

Crafted in the energy of Pisces.

0.5 oz / $8 3.5 oz. / $30

Forest Clarity

A morning ritual to focus the mind; herbal nootropic.

Flavor: lemon, mint, herbacious.

Crafted in the energy of Capricorn.

0.5 oz / $6 3.5 oz. / $24

Moon Dance

In celebration of Jupiter in Pisces. Inspire rainbows in your life and invite earthly wisdom to bloom in your heart.

Flavor: lavender, airy, spearmint.

Crafted during the energy of Taurus.

0.5 oz / $7

Chocolate Hazelnut Chai

Imbolc Special! A yummy dessert tea something between hot chocolate and chai tea. Available with or without caffeine.

Flavor: cacao, cardamom, nutty.

1.5 oz / $6

Many WTA medicines are crafted seasonally when the energetic environment is calling forward the medicine they offer.

If you have a favorite tea that is not in stock, contact us to be added to the waitlist for when it is back in stock.

Blends that are not currently in stock:

Solar Bliss

A floral cup of cheer. Anti-inflammatory and supportive to immune system.

Flavor: rose, turmeric, mimosa.

Crafted biannually during summer/winter solstices.

0.5 oz / $7 3.5 oz. / $24

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