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Alcohol extractions

Nervous System

Valerian Root

Dream easy with the powerful sleep aid, Valerian. Pair with Lucid Journey tea or mugwort oil for dreamwork.


Catnip + Willow

Pain Relief

Sedative Catnip pairs with Willow, the natural aspirin, to bring gentle, relaxing pain relief.



Perception / Dream Potion

Calm the body, still the mind, and enhance perception. Cultivate a peaceful presence and deepen your awareness of sensation. A tool for meditation or a mild sleep and dreaming aid.

$16 / 1 fl. oz.

$28 / 2 fl. oz.

Wild Ghost Pipe

Translucent, and mysterious, this sacred plant is traditionally used to navigate emotional, spiritual and physical pain.


Mist of Dawn

Feel the warming sensation of Kava Kava paired with other uplifting herbs melt away stress and soothe your spirits. Motivating and Relaxing.

This tincture was specially crafted during the 2020 Solstice/Conjunction and Bottled on Beltane 2021.

$14 / 1 fl. oz.


Calming Nervine Support. Playful and creative. Stir forgotten places awake, allowing wisdom to ripple out from you like springtime fragrance.

Infused with Gemini/Taurus energy.

$16 / 1 fl. oz.

Detox / Digestions

Carminative Bitters

A tonic to improve liver function, aid digestion, and ease constipation and gas. Carminatives help to hydrate the digestive system while bitters primes the body to secrete digestive enzymes.

$16 / 2 fl. oz. $36 / 4 fl. oz.

Ginger Root

Warming ayurvedic herb, a lullaby for the digestive tract. Eases pain and inflammation. Cleans the blood by increasing circulation and encouraging the sweating of toxins.

$12 / 1 fl. oz.

Infection Fighting or Immune Boosting

Usnea Polypore

Forest Medicine

A wildcrafted adaptogenic infection fighter. Usnea, or colloquially Old Man's Beard, is an indigenous pain and fever reducer. Antiseptic infection fighter. Enhanced by adaptogenic Fomitopsis pinicola, a cancer fighting anti-inflammatory.

$12 / 1 fl. oz.


An herb cherished by the indigenous to balance the internal ecosystem. Useful for combatting seasonal allergies, infections, and candida. Flavonoids support kidney and urinary tracts.

$12 / 1 fl. oz.

Adaptogenic Antiviral

Supports the lungs and immune system through a viral infection. Works as a wonderful immune supplement during cold or flu. Contains goldenseal to prevent viral DNA replication. Lemon balm and cordyceps improve energy levels. Astragulus, Echinacea, and Stinging Nettle provide nutrients and respiratory/immune support.

This tincture was specially crafted during the Taurus New Moon in 2020.

$14 / 1 fl. oz.

Take Root

Do you enjoy the taste of root beer? Want to try a medicinal version? Boost immunity and overall wellness with root and spice allies. Also useful for treating coughs. Available as a tincture or as a double extract syrup.

Scorpio - Sagittarius Energy

Syrup - $45 / 12 oz.

Tincture - $12 / 1 oz. $17 / 2 oz. $22 / 4 oz.

Heart and Circulatory Health

Heart Beat Vitality Tonic

Cancer fighting, adaptogenic, and circulatory health supporting. This tonic is intended to support a healthy, open-hearted lifestyle while promoting a loving energetic presence.

Hawthorne extract paired with broccoli and alfalfa sprout extracts. Sweetened with local honey blended with hand ground rose powder, ashwagandha, and cordyceps.

$16 / 1 fl. oz.

Blue Oyster Mushroom

Reduce cholesterol (with naturally occurring lovastatin). Immune boosting.


Mama Bear

An elixir to inspire unconditional love. Osha root derived oxytocin release, with lingering notes of rose and honey. Chicory Floral Essence aides love without attachment.

Cancer - Virgo Energy

$14 / 1 fl. oz.

Hormone Balance

Lunar Lady

A PMS support tincture. Herbal allies to help regulate flow and support a balanced mood by supporting healthy hormone response.

$16 / 1 fl. oz.


Boost energy, willpower, drive, and libido. Adaptogen, hormone balance, divine masculinity.

$16 / 1 fl. oz.


Goddess Provisions

Delicious herbal oxymel to fight the moody blues! Inspire peace, joy and prosperity with organic lemon balm and tulsi from the garden and wildcrafted mimosa flowers.

Cancer - Leo Energy

$14 / 1 fl. oz.

Lemonbalm Oxymel

A delicious and tangy delivery of lemon balm to brighten spirits and soothe digestion. Helpful for when the mind is clouded by gloom or fog. Try adding to mint tea or a salad dressing!

$14 / 2 fl. oz.

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