Flower essences are the solar infusion of a flower's vibrational message into spring water. Flower essences are intended to be extremely dilute energetic medicine, used to access and support the deepest parts of your being.

Our flower essences are created with consciously collected Smokey Mountain Spring Water and pear flavored brandy for a wonderful flavor.


Work through grief and incite joy. Perfect for those struggling to express locked emotion.

Crafted during the New Moon in Cancer.


For those often swept into dreams or fantasy. Helps to ground and facilitate manifestation.

Crafted during the full moon in Virgo.


For finding courage and opening the throat chakra. Invite peace, intellect, and clear discernment.

Crafted on Sagittarius Full Moon in Gemini.


Charming, Playful, Witty, Flirtatious, Manifestation, Co-Creation, Freedom, Creativity. Spring-time fae.

Crafted on Sagittarius Full Moon in Gemini.


For self acceptance and working through childhood wounds. Excellent for postpartum Mothers.

Crafted on Sagittarius Full Moon in Gemini.

Spring Crocus

For settling with grief and acceptance of new beginnings. Catharsis for heartbreak.

Crafted on New Moon in Pisces.

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Geranium Rose

For a gentle reminder of your softness and beauty. for self love and release of hard feelings.

Crafted during the full moon in Libra.

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